Super Vitamin E Formula
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Each capsule of Super Vitamin E Formula contains 400 IU of Vitamin E. Just one capsule per day can meet the daily Vitamin E needs for adult.   Air pollution, strong sunshine, lack of sleep, alcohol and cigarettes will cause an increase of free radicals in the body, which damaged the healthy cells, leading to premature aging. Vitamin E has a strong antiaging effect which can neutralize the free radicals and prevent the oxidation of cells caused by the aging process and it also effectively activates the metabolism of skin cells, reduces wrinkles and visible signs of aging and reduces pigmentation. It is an important element on anti-aging and inhibits the free radicals that caused aging.


Vitamin E help to maintain the health of the retina. It also effectively maintains to keep the integrity of the cell and reduce the possibility of the cellular variation. Vitamin E strengthen your immune system and improve your health.


100 capsules per bottle

Made in USA