Baby’s Cod Liver Oil Formula
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H365 Baby’s Cod Liver Oil Formula are extracted from the contamination-free Arctic Cod. Each drop contains 120 mg of Omega-3 unsaturated fatty acid DHA and 82 mg of EPA. Only one drop per day can meet the daily DHA intake of the baby*. It helps the baby's brain and intellectual development. The formula also contains vitamins A and D3 to helps vision development and promotes calcium absorption, which is good for bone and tooth growth.


In the early stages of growth, infants and young children are in a period of rapid growth. At this time, the baby's brain, including intelligence, cognitive ability, mobility, concentration and learning ability will develop rapidly. DHA is a key structural element in the baby's brain and is also the main structural component of the retina. To ensure the baby has a comprehensive and healthy development and establish a good information system, it is necessary to grasp the golden period of infants' brain and visual development, provide sufficient nutrients, comprehensively improve baby's behavior, skills and learning ability, promote brain and physical growth so that they will be smarter than others.
The product has a specially designed dropper which is convenient for dripping on the pacifier or on mother’s nipple when breast feeding. It can also be dripped into milk powder, fruit juice or baby food. The ingredients are natural, safe and reliable. It provides daily supplements of the various essential elements needed for the baby's growth to maintain healthy development, enhance visual acuity and develop cognitive potential. The brain will be smarter. It will also help the baby to learn faster.


60ml per bottle
Made in USA