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Vision Formula is a natural eye care supplement with blueberry, calendula, grape seed and eyebright. Urban people often use computers and their eyes are easily affected by the blue light on the screen. Blueberry extracts contain precious anthocyanin ingredients, which effectively improve vision, moisturize the eyes. It has obvious effect against dryness, tired eye and relieve eyes redness. Calendula is rich in lutein, which can effectively maintain the health of the macula in the eye, promote visual acuity and make vision clearer. Lutein can also effectively filter harmful blue light like a pair of natural sunglasses to avoid free radical damage and protect the eyes and macula. In addition, grape seeds also contain a large number of antioxidants - procyanidins, which have strong anti-oxidant effects. It can delay cell aging and can soothe the oxidation reaction caused by ultraviolet rays. Vision Formula is a natural eye protection which is specially designed for urbanites.

60 capsules per bottle

Made in New Zealand

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