Algae CA Formula
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Algae CA Formula is naturally extracted from the bottom of the food chain, away from pollution. It has been tested passed for major heavy metals test and is safe and reliable. Algae calcium is rich in calcium. Its natural structure is close to the needs of the human body. It is more active than ordinary synthetic calcium. It will become an ionic state when exposed to water.  It is therefore more easily to absorb by the human body than other synthetic calcium on the market and it will not cause a burden on the body, it will not cause obstructed defecation. It is also suitable for vegetarians.


Two tablets of Algae CA Formulas contain up to 538 mg of calcium and two tablets daily can provide half of the recommended daily calcium consumption*. It will quickly replenish the nutrients needed for the bones and effectively increase bone density, strengthen bone tissue and structure to fully enhancing bone health.  Algae CA Formula contains zinc to boost the body's immunity and relieve joint problems. For pregnant women, zinc may help the brain development of the fetus.

60 capsules per bottle

Made in USA 

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