Coral Bones Formula
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Coral Bones Formula is extracted from the natural coastal waters. It contains a variety of natural minerals and micro elements. Its natural calcium is more easily to absorb and utilized by the body than common synthetic calcium and would not become a burden to body. Micro elements can also enhance the health of the intestines, it is an excellent source of calcium.  Calcium is a substance that contains many minerals in the human body. Some people had mistakenly believed that only middle-aged or elderly people need to pay attention to calcium absorption. However, it is very important to take early precautions in younger age to absorb sufficient calcium and to strengthen bones. If the level of calcium in the blood continues to be too low, the bones may become fragile due to the loss of excessive calcium and even symptoms such as abnormal teeth, tight muscles, broken nails, skin problems, and decrease of immunity. Coral Bones Formula helps to strengthen bones and teeth and provides resistant against free radicals.

60 capsules per bottle

Made in New Zealand



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