Maca Formula
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Maca Formula is a strength supplement product specifically designed for men. It uses Maca which is carefully selected from high altitude mountains and refines from advanced technology. Maca has a variety of physiological active ingredients which are beneficial to the human body such as "Macacene" and "Macaclamide" etc, which can strengthen the body nature and build up vitality.


Maca, also known as the "Peruvian ginseng," is specially aimed for men in their prime years whom due to heavy work pressure and frequent social activities, had resulted in decline in strength and lack of energy problems. It can effectively promote metabolism, relieve fatigue, quickly restore physical strength, improve impotence, lack of energy and regain vitality. This product has passed a number of safety tests, will not cause reliance. It is safe to consume to improve the vitality and to revive previous glory.

100 tablets per bottle

Made in Japan

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