Children's Vision Formula
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Children's Vision Formula contains a variety of natural ingredients designed to protect children's eyes and to strengthen bones. Nowadays, children are computer addictive, like to play with electronic device so that their eyes are easy to get tired. In addition, with heavy loads of homework, and lack of physical activities would hinder the healthy growth of bones.


The product contains essence of blueberry fruit. Blueberry is rich in antioxidant which is the best among all fresh fruits. Its natural antioxidant effect is extremely good, offering protection to eye capillary. The anthocyanins within can effectively regenerate rhodopsin to enhance visual acuity, make visual images clearer and even protect children’s body from harmful lights, such as blue-light from smartphone screen that caused damage to children's eyes. It would assist in improving the health of children eyes, maintaining high-definition vision and reducing eye problems.


The formula contains Vitamin A, C, D and Zinc. Vitamin A is a component of the rhodopsin that senses low light in visual cells. Vitamin A also helps to reduce children's chances of suffering from dry eye problems. Vitamin C is an essential component to maintain human life and can help children to resist against illness by improving children’s body immunity. Vitamin D3 helps the body to absorb calcium.  Zinc is an essential nutrient for the children growth to improve concentration and learning performance.


A blueberry flavor is added to the formula and it is made of highly soluble powdery candy which is healthy and tasty. This product is the inevitable choice for children eyes protection.

60 tablets per bottle

Made in Japan