Children’s DHA Formula
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Children’s DHA Formula consists of natural fish oil. Each capsule contains 130 mg EPA and 90 mg DHA.  According to WHO’s recommendation, children between 2 to 12 years old are required to ingest 100-300 mg of EPA and DHA.  One capsule is sufficient for the daily requirement. Research also indicated that Omega 3 fatty acids, which consist of highly concentrated EPA, could improve the behaviors of over active children.


DHA and EPA are extremely important for the development of children’s brain.Lack of sufficient nutrients may affect children's brain and cognitive potential development. The EPA and DHA in Omega 3 fatty acids can satisfy children's needs for intellectual development, promote the development of visual acuity and cognitive potential, enhance learning ability and concentration. Allowing children to ingest sufficient EPA and DHA in critical growth stages would result in all around healthy body development as well as letting the children to conquer any challenge during the learning phase!


The formula is made from sardines, which has a lower chance of accumulating pollutants than other deep-sea fishes. It does not burden children who are growing up and can consume safely.

60 capsules per bottle

Made in Australia