Children’s Colostrum Formula
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Children Colostrum Formula used colostrum from cow raised in New Zealand. Colostrum are milk that is secreted from cows within 48 hours after giving birth. It is rich in high quality protein, immune and growth factors. Each tablet contains as high as 96 mg of IgG which is higher than other similar products. The lactoferrin, immunoglobulin and growth factors that can effectively enhance the body immunity, resist against the invasion of harmful substances and reduce the occurrence of a variety of health problems. It enhances gastrointestinal health, improve gastrointestinal discomfort for a comprehensive care of children to grow stronger and faster.


The formula is easy for the body to absorb, enhance the health of the digestive tract, and good gastrointestinal health can promote nutrient absorption. It will take care of the children in an all-round way so that the children can have a strong body and grow faster.

45 tablets per bottle

Made in New Zealand