Thistle Liver Formula
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 H365 Thistle Liver Formula uses advanced technology to extract high concentrated milk thistle essence from milk thistle seed. This ingredient is well known in Europe for clearing liver, protecting liver and nourishing liver. In addition to effectively preventing harmful toxin as well as removing the harmful toxins. Studies had pointed out that daily dosage of milk thistle essence which is equivalent to 2 tablets of Thistle Liver Formula can improve health of the liver and it has extremely strong anti-oxidation effect to firstly improves the liver from damages by alcohol and other toxic substances and secondly protects the liver from damages caused by free radicals and chemical substances.


People who often stay up all night, work under pressure, smoke or consuming alcohol (including spirits), long-term health problems, frequent dining-out or those affected by environmental pollutants have relatively poor liver function. To protect the liver, harmful substances must first be removed and then strengthen the liver. The milk thistle contains flavonoids for protecting the liver, which can help to repair damaged liver cells, help detoxification, strengthen liver. This product is especially suitable for long term consumption for people with liver problem due to excessive alcohol and those who are concern of their liver health.

60 capsules per bottle

Made in USA 


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