Children's Vitamin C + Zinc Formula
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Children’s Vitamin C + Zinc Formula is specially designed to enhance the body immunity of children. It consists of important nutrients for children's body – Vitamin C and Zinc. Vitamin C is a vital nutrient in maintaining human life but is less likely to be stored in children body as compare with other vitamins. Vitamin C also helps to create collagen which promote the growth and repair of children's gums, blood vessels, and bones. It also helps the absorption of calcium and iron and strengthen the children's body immunity against diseases.


The formula contains zinc, a mineral which is an important for energy metabolism and tissue formation. It helps to enhance concentration and help to promote children's intestinal health, boosting immunity.

It is also an important substance for energy metabolism and tissue formation. It helps to improve concentration, promote children's intestinal health and enhance immunity. Insufficient zinc in children’s body can cause loss of appetite and delay in development. Supplementing enough zinc can help maintain the health of the taste buds, promote appetite and help body nutrients absorption.


A sweet and fresh apple flavor is also added for better taste and is highly soluble for easier consumption by children. It is healthy and delicious.


60 tablets per bottle.

Made in Japan.