German Strong Nasal Care
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Urban people often have nasal symptoms and the so-called nasal symptoms are caused by allergens, irritants, climate change, air pollution or emotional effects in the nasal cavity, causing nasal blood vessels to dilate and ooze liquid, making the nasal mucosa itchy. External symptoms include nasal congestion, nasal itch, runny nose, paroxysmal sneezing, etc. Some people feel itchy in the nose, eyes and throat at the same time. They also feel headaches and watery eyes. These symptoms sometimes last for several minutes but could continue for several hours. If the patient is contaminated with allergens, it will lead to different concurrency problems. There are many parts of the body to be affected, including the sinuses, ears, eyes, respiratory tract and brain. In severe cases, it could even be even life-threatening. As a matter of fact, the symptoms of nasal allergy are similar to the beginning of the cold. But in general, apart from the symptoms related to the nose, it will not cause other symptoms such as fatigue, coldness, fever, aching limbs etc like the cold. Beside the adults, many Hong Kong children are also suffering from nasal symptoms. When children have nasal allergy, they will have sneezing, runny nose and stuffy nose which create more hardship than adults. If parents do not handle well, it will not only harm their children's health, but will ultimately affect their children's learning performance.


German Strong Nasal Care is a product developed for nasal discomfort. It follows the German standardized GMP. One of the main ingredients "Myrtol" is a mucous membrane solvent derived from plant which can increase the moving speed of mucus and help the sputum to drain. It can improve the effect of bronchial mucosa to the diastolic bronchus so that the breath has a fresh feeling. It can improve your breathing and nasal troubles after use.


60 capsules per bottle

Made in Germany