Baby Vitamin D3 Formula
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Baby Vitamin D3 Formula is liquid vitamin D3 specially designed for baby. It is an indispensable nutrient for enhancing bone health which is very important for baby. It can assist the body to absorb and to utilize calcium and phosphorus and help baby's teeth and bones to grow healthily. Since most of the vitamin D3 is synthesized from exposure to sunlight and if 40 IU of vitamin D is contained per 100 ml of formula milk, the baby may need to drink 1000 ml of formula milk per day to achieve the internationally recommended vitamin D consumption. Therefore, the baby may not be possible to absorb enough vitamin D3 from these two ways.


The product has a specially designed in drop tube, which is convenient for dripping on the pacifier or on mother’s nipple when breast feeding. It can also be dripped into milk powder, fruit juice or baby food. Just one drop (400 IU) per day can provides 100% of daily vitamin D3 consumption for the baby. The product is colorless and odorless, contains no artificial colors and sugar, and is free of common allergic ingredients such as wheat, milk, corn, peanuts, soybeans, etc. It can be consumed with assurance to enhance the development of teeth and bones and to promote the health of the baby.

60ml per bottle

Made in USA