German Strong Healthy Brain
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The brain is the core of the human central nervous system and one of the most complex organs. The mitochondria in the brain cells (the power-plant that produce energy) will deteriorate with age and the brain and nerve tissue are easy to be damaged by free radicals in chemical or contaminated substances. This may result in lack of dopamine and acetylcholine in the brain. The ability of the brain begins to decline, the response time will turn slow, the vision will be weakened, and concentration, memory, and reading ability will gradually decrease. There will result in decline in memory, thinking and judgment. Impaired or degraded dopamine levels can lead to brain conduction imbalances, causing depression. The loss of acetylcholine content is one of the causes of memory loss. The method is to supplement the nutrition of mitochondria and repair mitochondrial damage.


German Strong Healthy Brain is specially formulated for the brain and is produced in Germany under standardized GMP.  It helps to increase mitochondrial activity in brain cells, nourish brain cells, enhance memory and effectively keep cell mitochondria normal, thereby promoting energy synthesis and is particularly effective for people with aging brain cells.


60 capsules per bottles

Made in Germany