Propolis Formula
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Propolis Formula is collected from the New Zealand forests. Each capsule contains up to 1000 mg of fresh propolis. It is a natural antioxidant. Propolis is a mixture of resin collected from the trees and bee saliva. The mixture fermented in the bee’s throat gland and formed lipid substances. It can protect the entire honeycomb in a clean state. The rich flavonoids contain in Propolis play an effective role to make it especially suitable for children and the elderly to consume. New Zealand's water quality and air quality are excellent and are less polluted. All these excellent natural conditions had enabled the collection of high quality propolis, rich in flavonoids, which could help to improve self-immunity, strengthen the cells.


Propolis is like “Nature Defense”, which effectively improves its own defense and resistance. It can suppress the growth of harmful organisms in the mouth and respiratory tract, increase the overall immunity of the human body and enhance the health of the digestive system. It also has antioxidant ability and get rid of free radicals, improve beauty and anti-aging as well as prolong longevity. Propolis formula is clinically tested and passed for major heavy metals, microorganisms and pesticides residual. It is mild in nature and is suitable for everyone to consume.

60 capsules per bottle

Made in New Zealand