Royal Jelly Formula
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Royal Jelly Formula contains high purity royal jelly essence extracted by advanced technology from high quality natural royal jelly from New Zealand. Royal jelly is the secretion of the worker bees which are super nutritious food for feeding the queen bee and her larvae. It is rich in protein and a variety of nutrients.


The Royal Jelly Formula contains as high as 6% of a rare ingredient, the 10-HAD which promotes metabolism and cell growth. It also has antioxidant effects and enhances energy and physical strength to reduce fatigue, maintain physical and mental health. For women, Royal Jelly Formula also contains a variety of active nutrients which can stimulate the formation of collagen, lighten freckle and remove wrinkles to make the skin much softer and shining. It can also delay aging. The effect is remarkable. Royal Jelly Formula is clinically tested and passed for major heavy metals, microorganisms and residual pesticides. It is definitely a natural health product.

40 capsules per bottle

Made in New Zealand