H365 Disney Buzz Lightyear Collection Baby's Probiotics Formula
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H365 Disney Buzz Lightyear Collection Baby's Probiotics Formula is specially designed for the baby’s intestinal and digestive health. It contains Bacillus subtilis (each gram contains 5 billion CFU) and Lactobacillus acidophilus (each gram contains 100million CFU). Bacillus subtilis has the ability to form spores. Spores can protect probiotics from harsh condition, and help probiotics to survive in the gut and acidic stomach environment. Therefore it doesn’t require refrigeration. Bacillus subtilis also helps to enhance the immune response of the baby’s intestinal cells, crowding out undesirable microorganisms and keep the bay’s intestinal health. The Bacillus Subtilis component was clinically tested and it is confirmed that this ingredient helps control the microbial population in the intestine, promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria, and crowds out undesirable microorganisms. Lactobacillus acidophilus can help promote intestinal peristalsis and inhibit the growth of undesirable organisms. It can maintain the healthy pH level of the intestinal tract and enhance the intestinal absorption ability of babies. Other nutrients such as Calcium and Zinc can be absorbed more easily. FOS is specially added. FOS belongs to prebiotics, inhibits the proliferation of harmful organisms, helps defecation, maintains intestinal health, and increase nutrient absorption. H365 Disney Buzz Lightyear Collection Baby's Probiotics Formula is natural. No preservatives are added. This product can be added to milk powder, water, juice or baby food. Mothers can let babies consume safely.


70g per bottle

Made in USA