German Strong Healthy Anus
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The German Strong Healthy Anus is produced in Germany, followed standardized GMP program, which is designed to soothe anal discomfort. The formula can clear and detoxify the intestines, reduce the pain, or effectively alleviate the situation. Symptoms are mostly pain in the affected area, bleed and the abnormal tissue will have a chance to protrude outside the anus. There are many reasons for the bad defecation habits of urban people, such as excrete timing too long or too much force for defecation, long-term nutrition is not enough, physical weakness, can lead to anal sphincter weakening, and because of work needs, standing for a long time or sitting for a long time, also with insufficient vegetable fiber in the diet, long-term drinking or eating spicy food, causing this anal problem. 


60 capsules per bottles

Made in Germany